Catch these

Lots of fall salmon on their way upriver.  Sometimes its just easier to catch whats already here.

One of many schools of summer steelhead laying around

If you cast into those schools of steelhead your pole will get all bent

And your hands will get all fishy
Good fishing on the dry fly this week, trout, steelhead, fall and summer coho.

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6 Responses to Catch these

  1. Marty says:

    Now why would anyone want to do that????

    Nice work on the photos. Wish I were there. Baby Leith due on the 12th. I need some name inspiration!!! See you this winter bro.

  2. Dan Whitaker says:

    Hey could you suggest some patterns and techniques for getting those calm, smooth water steelhead to bite? They always give me the fits. Thanks


  3. Jim Kerr says:

    I will try to write a better post on this later, but for starters looooong leaders and little flies.  #12, 14  18 feet of leader down to 4 or 6 pound.

  4. Jim Kerr says:

    Congrats Marty!
    Dude I got the name thing dialed.  If its a boy, …Chuck Norris.  If its a girl,…Charleene Norris.

  5. Lauren says:

    HEY!!! Do Not Give Away our sweet name choices for our future children and farm animals!!

  6. Jim Kerr says:

    I am sorry baby.
    Marty, I will have to ask you and your wife to NOT name your new baby Chuck Norris.  We are planning on using that.

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