Great salmon fishing some places, tough times for salmon in others

Well I have some awesome pictures of people catching salmon
and steelhead and having fun in the beautiful weather, I cannot find my freakin
camera cord however so you will have to wait to see them.

As you have probably heard there are tons of salmon waiting
for rain in the lower rivers, these salmon will all be scooped up by netters on
Monday morning unless the state or the tribe does something to protect them.  Don’t hold your breath, 80,000 pounds
harvested last week, this week will be bigger. 

That said, there are fish making it up the Hoh, and plenty
of steelhead and trout made it into the other systems before the water got so
low.  The salmon run should
continue for several weeks, hopefully some of the later fish will escape the

I will post again on Wednesday, I will have some pictures and
hopefully a little rain to report.

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