• Leg day

    I don’t know if they still do it, but Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has a curious measurement they used to collect every year.It is a steelhead caught per hour/per angler estimate for rivers around the state.I was … read more »

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  • Winter Steelhead Riches

    A couple of things here. It looks like I may have figured out how to load video’s onto the blog. That will probably end badly. How the hell did that many steelhead make it past Ryan? Wow! A really great … read more »

  • Sometimes a great noodle, “Slicing Elk”

    I have spent most of my life cooking in fires, camp stoves, and home made smokers, still I claim no great expertise. Occasionally I will bring home cooked meals out onto the boat, and have been asked about a couple … read more »

  • Cold foot season

    If you have ever fished with me, and you aren’t stone cold deaf, you know I hunt, because I talk about it, but only when my lips are moving. I really like to hunt. I really most like to hunt … read more »

  • Time for a change

    If you have been following the debate on north coast wild steelhead fisheries management at all, you have heard the term”Status Quo” thrown about pretty constantly. From the head phrenologists at the “WDFW fisheries and palmistry lodge”, to the patriarchs … read more »

  • New

    Man,I wish I was fishing today.I do not always wish that. But TODAY! You could say its because the weather is decent, and the water is good, to be honest though, the weather is freakin great and the water is … read more »

  • News!?

    News!!! Maybe? So as you may have heard the Washington State department of Fish and Wild Life is planning some pretty major rule changes for this years native steelhead season. WDFW has committed to a regulation prohibiting fishing from a … read more »