Now booking for the worst fishing in the world.

You know that feeling when you are so cold, and so wet, and so far back in the woods and tired and scratched up and not catching much that it starts to become really funny? No? OK, then these trips are not for you! And that’s ok because there is plenty of more pleasant and much easier fishing out there.

If you had to run a 5k, in the rain, through the woods right now, could you? I am not asking if you want to, or if you would, just could you get up right now and do it? No? Well than you can be doubly sure there is nothing in this post to interest you. Because this is about cold wet dark long thick rough bad hiking to try and find one completely awesome back country wild steel head.

I have been doing these trips on my own for years, and 20 years ago, when my friend and mentor/bad idea co-ordinator Josh Dickenson told me they were “unguidable”, I took him at his word. And I’m sure he is still correct.

But, two things, 1. I love these trips, and I want to spend more of my time doing them.

And 2. I gotta work more after all those closed seasons, so call it “selling out”.

Welcome to what I like to call, “THE WORST FISHING IN THE WORLD”

Bam! right back into the tiny creek you came from, worth the hike 10 times over.

There are tons of spots around where I live that have steelhead, and almost never get fished because they don’t have a lot of steelhead, and they really suck to get too.

But if your head is in the right spot, getting there can be more than half the fun, and adventure.

Throwing the first cast in a piece of water that hasn’t been fished in days, or weeks, or maybe all season feels so good even if it doesn’t get bit. Sitting beside a beautiful mossy pool without a boot print in sight is its own reward to me.

Its gonna be hard. Its gonna cold, the casting and presentation can be next level.

You will get frustrated. I will bring a stove to make hot food and coffee.

We have some dates left, January and February are best for this, book at least a couple days if you can so we can really wear ourselves out.

And I promise, years later, when you warm back up, it will seem kinda funny. It will be a trip to remember.

Email [email protected] to book

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks WA

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4 Responses to Now booking for the worst fishing in the world.

  1. Rich Culver says:

    Sounds PERFECT!!!! Count me in, Jim! Sounds like the last time we fished.


  2. raincoastguides says:

    Anytime Rich!!!!!

  3. Mike Lucia says:

    That’s exactly what I’m looking for., any spots left ?

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