Last of the season open dates, and so much more

Be sure to catch one of these this winter


February 8th,17th,25th March 13,17,18.

These are the days we have left open for the 2023 Native winter Steelhead season.

If you want to get out with us this winter email [email protected].

Some of the very best fishing I have ever had here has been on days that according to everybody were not going to be any good at all. There are certain kinds of “bad” weather, that can lead to really excellent days. Just this fall I launched my boat onto a river that was raging high and brown, floated a mile or so, pulled over and anchored so my guest for the day could catch a jillion or so coho, and then rowed home.

A few days before Christmas we had some weather cancellations. I grabbed some family, we took some firewood down to the river and hung out until we caught a beautiful bright hatchery steelhead.

The fire was warm, the winter scenery was epic, and of course the bad weather had kept almost everyone else home. It was a great day we will always remember, not just because the fishing was good, but because the weather was bad, and we made it fun, and enjoyable. No doubt there are days I don’t go, and days no one should. But I have had days, when the weather was just the right kind of bad, that turned into some of the most spectacular fishing I have ever had.

You have spent your day doing worse stuff.

So, my goal is to GO on days we can go. And although sometimes it is obvious days in advance that the water will not be good, often you have to just go on out there and check it out.

The new cancellation guide lines I have written up are an attempt to get people prepared for that. But I would like all seven of you who read this blog to check them out and offer any insights and comments or suggestions you have.

Cancellation FAQs

Hey, what happens if??

What happens if the rivers blow out?

If the guide determines that the rivers have become too high to fish safely we will be happy to transfer your deposit to another day. That determination will be made the morning of your trip, not several days prior.

So if you book a trip, plan on driving to Forks the day before no matter what. If the rivers are too high, you can enjoy some time in the National Park, visit the beaches, or watch TV and eat fried chicken in your motel room.

What happens if its snowy? This happens from time to time. Snowy conditions can lead to awesome steelhead fishing, so we really want to go. We understand you will have a long drive the day before your trip, so if snow is in the forecast plan on leaving early and drive carefully. In general we do not cancel trips on account of snow.

What happens if it’s really cold? If the temps are predicted to get up to 30 at any part of the day, we are going. We will bring heaters, and often light a fire at lunch. These can be awesome fun days, dress warm.

To catch these amazing fish we often have to endure some tough weather. Dress well and we will do everything we can to keep you safe and comfortable and to help you have an awesome and memorable trip.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

“If you want to catch beasts you don’t see every day, you have to go place quite out-of-the-way. You have to go places no others can get to. You have to get cold and you have to get wet, too.” Dr. Suess“

The price of awesome adventures is suck” Clay Hayes

Yeah smart guy? How you gonna get it back out?
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