Kings and coho on the fly

It was the week of weeks for Coho and Kings, should get better not worse.  I have tons of great new photo’s.  I also have October 21st and 22nd open.

Kirk and Dustin (and Coho) Thanks Guys, Great fishing, hunting, and company.

I have many new secret Coho flies, no pictures forthcoming

Kirk nd Dustin were out for my first fall salmon trip last week.  Every day since then has gotten a little better.
We had seven, I think Coho to the beach on flies the other day.  Along with as many hooked and lost and 3 big Kings.
Gear fished yesterday for a quick limit of Kings Coho and Jacks.
Jim Kerr
Raincoast guides

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5 Responses to Kings and coho on the fly

  1. Larry Okie says:

    Hey, if I bring you some ribs, will you share your “secret” Coho flies with me?

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    Yes.  I will do anything for ribs.

  3. Larry Okie says:

    Now we’re talkin’. Hey, its raining cats and more cats here. What’s the poop for the rivers out there? Are we gonna get to fish or just sit around and eat ribs?

  4. Larry Okie says:

    OK bub, I have serious Q for you. Start tyin’ me some o’ them flies. Hope you like handmade smoked cajun Andouille sausage with your ribs.

    BTW, will my eight weight hold up to your brand of punishment? Hope so, its the heaviest I have besides my spinning outfit. What kind of fly line do I be needin’?

  5. Lauren says:

    He is not joking. Believe me.

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