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  • A bill on guide legislation is introduced for OP and Klickitat only

    This is the second time we have been down this rd.  I hope this time we get a bit farther.  I have been asked a ton of questions and been given a ton of ideas about this and I thought … read more »

  • Back again

    Lauren and I had to run off to the east coast for a couple of weeks but we have returned.  And I am very ready to go fishing.  Reliable sources report some early coho, sockeye, fishable numbers of spring kings, … read more »

  • Open Steelehad dates

    I have an open seat tomorrow, Saturday.  And still next Wednesday.Rivers are down and nice, but Co-o-old. Here is Preston with another chrome bright buck Jim KerrRain coast guides

  • Steelhead fishing, Workshops

    The workshops are full.  Officially.However at some point I need to get a post on here about instructional days as another option for those that didn’t get a chance to get in the workshop.Essentially this is a day with a … read more »

  • Steelhead season

    Unusually warm, low water and good fish numbers.  That’s all that is going on here.  Maybe you should head over to the Methow. The Creekside report said that the Methow is more or less on fire, I also hear that … read more »

  • Birthday trip

      I took a few days off this week to hang with Lauren at our southern estate in Astoria for my birthday.  As a present I took myself creek fishing, at a brand new creek (new to me anyway). I … read more »

  • Fishing tomorrow

    O.K.Looks like tomorrow will fish.  I am not booked right now, but would love to be.  I am willing to cut a deal to get a warm body in the front of my boat, same goes Friday. Green water and … read more »