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The workshops are full.  Officially.
However at some point I need to get a post on here about instructional days as another option for those that didn’t get a chance to get in the workshop.
Essentially this is a day with a lot of casting and presentation instruction, some tips on run timing and walk in spots, a chance to try a bunch of different gear, and a short (4 hour) float or walk in.  Figure on it costing about $100.00 bucks less than a full days fishing.

Yep, we hooked some winter run steelhead yesterday, and lost them, but it’s safe to say that the winter steelhead season is here.  I still have plenty of open dates, so give me a call.

This Coho was supposed to be the first steelhead of the year, it ate a steelhead fly in a steelhead spot, jokes on us.

We are still finding some chrome bright salmon mixed in with the steelhead, or some steelhead mixed with the salmon, or whatever.
Jim Kerr
Rain Coast guides

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