A bill on guide legislation is introduced for OP and Klickitat only

This is the second time we have been down this rd.  I hope this time we get a bit farther.  I have been asked a ton of questions and been given a ton of ideas about this and I thought I might offer some insight on how we got here.

First, this is a draft bill.  There will be changes.

The Olympic Peninsula Guides Association got this ball rolling with the notion that it would be one of many steps necessary to protect our fisheries ( salmon trout and steelhead) going forward .  Wild Steel Headers United came in and offered their support, and brought in guides from the east side who had concerns about the klickitat.

Many folks thought that the guidelines should be much more restrictive, and based more on a B.C. model.  Others though that with the new bait ban and the ban on killing wild fish no guide restrictions were needed at all.  This bill was a negotiated half way point between those two views. It looks like those on the Klickitat will end up with a different version than those on the OP.  Here on the OP there is a lot of resistance to “outfitter Permits” or the notion of Rod days.  On the East side they seem to be embracing these ideas more.

Below is the view from the OP.

bright high water hen


One Guide, one license, all year.

The Olympic peninsula Guides Association continues to support legislation to control guides licensing in region six, North Coast.
We have been glad to be part of the conversation that has moved S-0568.1/17 forward to this point, but feel that it is important at this point we stress our support is only for the segment of the bill that addresses our original concerns.

Here is the segment we fully support.

Qualified guides must purchase an additional license to guide on the North coast from the Elwa to the clearwater, it is inclusive of both these rivers.

To Qualify for this additional license a guide must be able to prove (through tax documentation) he or she has guided in Washington State for at least 4 years, and has guided at least 2 of those years on the North Coast.

These licenses will be issued one time in 2018.

This additional license will be required to guide here all year, not just in steelhead season.

We do not at this time support any language concerning “outfitters licenses” for the North Coast.

We do not at this time support any language concerning “rod days” for the North Coast.

If this type of language is supported for other regions we do not mind and will not oppose it there, it just is not the correct approach for region six.

If this type of language is included in a bill for the North Coast we will vigorously appose its passage.

We feel it is key that this legislation achieves the following goals.

1.Stops unrestricted growth of guiding on native fish in region 6.

2.Maintains the traditional focus of owner operated boats in region 6
3.Creates a stable businesses environment from which region 6 recreational fishing business can thrive on a year round basis.


We understand that presently there is other stuff in this bill.  Most was included at the request of Eastside guides, and we fully support their desire to do so,….for the Eastside.

Our focus remains on what you see above.


Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides






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13 Responses to A bill on guide legislation is introduced for OP and Klickitat only

  1. Clark says:

    What is the point of contention over rod days held by those in the O.P. side of this bill?

    • raincoastguides says:

      Ahhhhh, compromise. Honestly I don’t feel as strongly about this as others about this, but I am VERY much in the minority, so I will not support rod days. As in all things, the devil is in the details. Some have suggested that this bill should only apply during winter steelhead season. If that was the case then it would be in the best interest of all of us to claim as many days as we could and try to cram as many days on the water as possible. Right now a lot of guys take regularly scheduled days off, If I had to establish seasonal rod days, that would be a big incentive for me to go every day, hook more fish per week, have a greater impact….but you could see this in any number of other ways. I think for now simple is best, in a few years we review and see how things look.

  2. Don Freeman says:

    As the bill progresses, it will be very helpful to provide the names of the legislators who are presenting the bill and perhaps a statement of support. Those of us who support this move should contact them, and more importantly our own representatives to urge that they vote in favor.

  3. Stoney says:

    I’m guessing that Jack Mitchell is in full support of the outfitter model on the Klickitat. Might be the state will hand him a monopoly.

  4. Mike West says:

    I think the guides supporting this should stay off the Kalama during springer season as well. I don’t fish the OP. You can’t have your cake and eat too. Fair is fair. Lol

    • raincoastguides says:

      Mike, we have lost 90 days of our season due in part to concerns over “to many encounters”. (60 days of closure join the Hoh, 30 on the bogie and callwah) . If you have a suggestion as to how we can limit the intense pressure that is escalating here I honestly would love to hear it, for real. Other suggestions for this have been to sell the permits to the highest bidder, or to invite everyone and make it cost a furtune. A lot of people thought the bar should be much higher. I don’t know whats best. If your pissed I don’t blame you. Im pissed the State didn’t do something 5 years ago when the promised they would. If you have a suggestion as to what might work, email me. Its draft legislation, so we will still be making a lot of changes. Something needs to be done.

  5. Rob Tamurian says:


    It’s difficult to articulate the deep appreciation one should have for the work you do regarding the North Coast fisheries. I admire your ability to see both (all) sides of the argument and adjust your position,even if your absolute preferences diverge a bit. A true ambassador for the fisheries and the place many of us would like to see restored to it’s former glory. Less congestion and pressure equals a more manageable impact. How to exactly achieve that remains somewhat elusive,but it seems your local leadership is heading the OP in a good direction. Thank you!!

  6. Jeff says:

    Hey Jim,
    I see that this is still in committee. What can we do to help move it along.

  7. Ryan says:

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for the information. Has there been any progress?

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