What a week.

It was a tough week of fishing.

Not for a shortage of fish, seems like there are good numbers of bright silvers, a fair number of good kings, plenty of sockeye, and a few (enough to spot a handful a day) steelhead.

But as for biting, no, not so good.

You would think it wouldn't be too hard to catch one with lots of pools looking like this

You would think it wouldn’t be too hard to catch one with lots of pools looking like this


We did get some good fish, we got some big ones (not very bright) we got some bright ones (not very big) but mostly we watched tons of big strong bright silvers swim by without eating many of our flies.

Small bright summer steelhead

Small bright summer steelhead


WAIT, stop thinking that.  I know about tight lipped Coho, I have caught them in a dozen rivers where I was told they just wouldn’t bite, but these fish, this week, were something different.

Big dark king

Big dark king

Anyway, I’m sure it will pass, hopefully by tomorrow.  I am going camping for couple of days.

When I get back we will make them bite, or catch trout and steelhead.


Gone to Thermopolis (real place?)

Gone to Thermopolis (real place?)


Neil Strickland and Alyssa Halls packed up their fly shop a couple years ago and took it to Wyoming.  For a couple of young people who only spent a few years here they left a pretty good mark.  The shop is gone, but their flies are still being fished here.

You can find them now at http://www.owlcreekflies.com in Thermopolis Wyo.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks, WA


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