Fly fishing is back!

Recently I have been reading articles in  fly fishing magazines about going to fun places to try hard to catch a couple of really awesome fish.  They have been writing about how cool it is to catch a fish you have never caught before, even if its not huge, and writing about how experiencing amazing natural environments is a big part of the sport.

Fly Fisherman Magazine just ran articles about fishing the Farquhar island chain for Trevally in which they pretty much said you might not catch one, as well as an article about going fishing in crazy places around the Bahamas and maybe not catching anything.

I like catching lots of fish, but I also love going to far off places because they sound cool and I want to find out if there are any fish there.  Sometimes there aren’t.

This is the fly fishing I remember.  Yes, catching a ton of fish on indicators on a tail water is fun.  Finding a new, interesting and challenging way to catch one fish, that for whatever reason (bigger, brighter, harder to fool) is different from the others, is really at the heart of the sport, or was, I am glad to see it making a comeback.


Tim watched this king race over and gobble his fly

Tim watched this hatchery spring chinook  race over and gobble his fly

Being where  big fish are, and trying to make it work.

Thats my kind of fishing, its why I moved here.  I spent most of this week sight casting to sea fresh steelhead, coho and kings.  Some attacked the fly, some ignored it,and some ran in terror before it got within ten feet of them.

This hatchery Coho came up and gulped Wyland's fly as soon as it hit the water, and then did everything Coho are supposed to do.

This hatchery summer Coho came up and gulped Wyland’s fly as soon as it hit the water, and then did everything Coho are supposed to do.

We made some amazing casts that did not catch fish, some terrible casts that spooked whole schools right out of the pool, and a few, that landed right where they should and created life time memories as we watched fish chase them down and then go skipping and cartwheeling down river.

Every day we get chances, and if your good, and patient, and a little lucky, you get to see things that most fly fishers only dream about, or read about.

We have some open summer dates, and some very cool fishing.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

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