Well, I said it.

Better live up to it.

Every day at work people ask me how we could help protect native steelhead here on the OP.  There are a lot of things we need to do, many are huge projects that will require lots of money, difficult alliances with a huge array of user groups, and lots of time and effort.

So for starters I proposed a few simple ideas that will help a some fish, and help people get used to some new management ideas, without pissing anyone off too much.

I think supporting these two proposals will help send a message to managers that we need  and want creative solutions that maintain fisheries while protecting fish. Let them know what you think, click on the links and make your comments.  Its important, make your voice heard, they are listening.

DFW110945 and DFW137381

And fishing, looks like I have a cancellation on Thursday, might be very steelheady (yes, that’s a word)  Go ahead and email, I might very well cut you a rate…I wanna go fishing.

Anil with a late summer steelhead

OOOOOOH, Oh yea, I think I may do an X-MAS gift idea post, review some really great tried and true gear that you may not all ready have, so, make sure your friends and family see the blog!

Jim Kerr



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5 Responses to Well, I said it.

  1. Kris Thomas says:

    Don’t say I never listen….commented on both proposals in favor of. See you soon. JKT

  2. JoeB says:

    Thanks, Jim–I commented, too. I particularly agree with the notion of extending/expanding existing regulation timeframes and/or applicable areas as a means of starting a cultural shift. The proposals don’t try to boil the ocean or put different angling groups with shared conservation goals at odds with one another.

    While we’re on the topic of proposals, do you have any insight into the north coast/statewide guide program changes? The WDFW mentions on their web site that “conversations are happening”; but in the absence of tangible artifacts (i.e., proposals, hearings, …) or a transparent process, I’m skeptical that anything will actually change.

    Should I start buying up guide licenses to sell on craigslist in anticipation of a moratorium?

    • raincoastguides says:

      Thanks Joe,
      That was exactly what I was trying to get at, you said it better than I did. Try to get the word out if you can, I would like to at least get these ideas a fair hearing.
      Yes, there are some conversations happening about guide licensing, its actually pretty complicated and any real changes will have to go through the state legislature, not fish and wildlife. I think we are about a year away from having a plan to go forward on, then comments, then redraft…but it is definitely in the works.
      So, you have plenty of time.

  3. Jim it is great thing to know that you have proposals for the protection of fishes. I applaud you for that. I will support it and I know many fishermen are at your back. Thank you for your advocacy I am hoping for it to be implemented. I am looking forward to it. You gave me an inspiration that there will be no damages in different fishes to various beaches like the I do love hearing from you the positive outcome of your proposals.

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