How many does it take?

So, there are nowhere near the number of Coho we expected in the rivers around Forks this season.  That said, a good caster can pull a nice batch of quality fish out of the woodpiles and rock gardens if he knows where to throw it.  Fast stripping with sink tips has been the ticket, with a fly just bright enough to see.  One of the big problems with this type of fishing is that “almost” doesn’t count at all.  A cast has to be right on the money and retrieved perfectly.  A little off target, a little too fast, too slow, equals no fish, there are no gimmies.

some flashing under the log jam, some cartwheeling around the river, some backing off the reel, how many of these does it take to make a good day?

I know what you are thinking, “that sounds hard”  Luckily, you know a fishing guide who has kept his eye on a wad of late summer steelhead, and they can be a lot easier.

For those too discriminating to catch large chrome coho, I have kept a small stash of summer steelhead


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  1. Lee says:

    Too much guide on guide action. I’ll buy a trip when I see some schmoe like myself holding up a fish. Thanks for the report.

    • raincoastguides says:

      Um, on demand, you can pay pal a deposit for Friday, you wanna call him a schmoe that’s your business
      Eric and Coho

  2. Jeff says:

    It seems that there are low numbers of Coho all across the western rivers. Seems odd since the Puget Sound was so hot this year….

    So far Washington returns of hatchery adult late stock coho are down substantially from the same time last year, according to state Fish and Wildlife:

    Cowlitz: 17,188 in 2011, and 5,857 this season.

    Kalama: 972 in 2011, and 204 this season.

    Lewis: 13,627 in 2011, and 115 this season.

    Washougal: 400 in 2011, and 117 this season.

    • raincoastguides says:

      Thanks for the numbers Jeff. Yea, pretty much the same here, I would say we are looking at about 35% of the number of fish we see in an average season, yet the north sound and straits fished great.One could put a comment here about escapement goals…

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