Two reports

Hoh opens today, I was on my way only to notice it was a bit high and rising due to snow melt.  Maybe this evening if it stays cool enough.  The Sol Duc is low and clear, a few nice winter steelhead, a few summer runs and a steady trickle of spring Chinook.  Some rain should give us another nice big push.

I have received some disturbing images from Baja.  My friend lace has had a few unsettling encounters behind his house.

Lance, with a half way decent rooster from the beach

Another fair rooster, a couple days later

A few days later Lance had to bust out a spinning rod to land this 47 pound Yellow fin tuna from the beach.

Does anyone want to try this next may?

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

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3 Responses to Two reports

  1. Lee says:

    oooooooooo snap. that’s not natural

  2. G_Smolt says:



    If this is the dude we chatted about, I am down.

  3. John Suyes says:

    Im in. Seriously, I will head down there next May with you.

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