Maybe a tiny bit more water, a little more shade

I remember when I was a little kid my Mamma told me “son low water and bright sun makes for shitty springer fishing.”

Ma was right about that anyway.

Had a couple of good springer trips this week.  A couple of tough ones, and one day we fished all day and only got one bite.  There are quite a few fish in the lower river, they are not moving much and given decent conditions they will eat.  We will see what the weatherman brings us.

The Sol Duc is at a great level for swinging flies, there are, as I have said spring Chinook all up and down as well as a healthy number of early summer steelhead and a few real nice late winter steelhead.

Probably, until we get some cloud cover the best bet is to start around 4:30 am fish until 10:00 , then start again around 6:00 pm.

OH, the Hoh.  Yes its about 1650 right now and I believe it reopens on Saturday.   I am open.

This could be interesting.   Fish along anyone?

      This is one we left in the Hoh before it closed. 

Jim Kerr


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