summer steelhead bugs

I have been at home this week going a little stir
crazy.  Those of you who have fished
with me in the last year know I have an idle problem with my truck, so this
week I have been schlepping it from shop to shop to see if anyone can finally get
it figure out.

In the mean time I have been sorting through some gear and I
thought I could probably turn you on to some cool summer run flies.

This must be what they eat in the ocean

This is the copper John green wire with rubber legs.  This one and the red wire have been
smoking the summer steelhead everywhere I have been fishing.  You can fish it on the dead drift,
swing, or strip it.

How aggressively they bite it largely depends on how much
pressure they have seen.  When you
find a fish, take your time, plan on spending a half hour or so working through
different stuff

Spotting fish is huge, take your time and look at each piece
of water carefully for 5 minutes or more. 
Often in fast water you are just looking for a piece of “color”.  If you see something that doesn’t look
quite like river, its probably steelhead.

An indicator floats past a couple of chromers hiding in a riffle 

Here is Chris, with a nice start to his day.

I have heard some great beach fishing reports this week as
well as strong reports about summer runs on some south west Washington streams.

In Forks there are still fresh Sockeye moving in and some
summer steelhead.

Jim Kerr

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3 Responses to summer steelhead bugs

  1. Dan says:

    Nice fish and fly pics, I’ll try one on the next outing

  2. Lee says:

    Quality posts these days Jim. Love the educational tilt. We still managed to get shut out yesterday on the Kalama though. Hardly any water in there and we didn’t see many fish.

  3. Jim Kerr says:


    My bad, I should have warned you.  Its low and the fish have for sure moved into some very different holding water, timing is everything, if you are not synched up with the tide changes its very hard.  Give me a call before you head over there again and maybe I can be of some help.

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