Horrible accidents on the river

Bad accident

A big bunch of summer steelhead pushed up the lower Columbia
this week and all the lower tribs got the benefit.

Fished yesterday in southwest, hooked 5 chromers, will have
some pics soon.

Train wreck

It was a change up day, each fish took a little dialing in,
nothing crazy, just common sense fly and leader changes.  Won’t bite a dark fly? Try a bright
one, won’t bite a little one, try a big one.  Saw a summer king yesterday, and a ludicrously large chrome
summer run (17 pounds).  I will be
fishing tomorrow and then away for the weekend, I have dates open early next
week.  Its low water fishing but if
you embrace it for what it is, get sneaky and test your skills you can very
possibly hook four to six super hot steelhead from 7 to 15 pounds…That’s not
bad fishing.

Hatchery steelhead on its way to the barbie

Jim Kerr

RAin Coast Guides

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  1. Dan says:

    Nice tip about fish coming over the dams. Might have to go check out one of those tribs.

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