Summer Steel head and trout

More trout, really, but first an update on all your work.

Thanks for all the letters supporting selective gear on the Hoh.  Fish and wild life noticed, and I got a message of “please stop, we hear you”.  That does not mean they will move forward, but it means we got noticed.

If sport fishing is to continue on the Hoh, the river must become selective gear entirely  year round, summer would be a good start.

I hope you will all join me in pushing forward on this for the next 24 months.  Until the end of the next rule change cycle.  Its past time to make real change in fish management here, and more and more sport fishermen, the tribes, the park and the guides seem to be on one side, with the WDFW standing alone on the other.

Steelhead season is off with a whimper, maybe its the low water, I have no idea, but the numbers on the opener were unimpressive.  The early run should continue to move in until late July.  A little rain might help?

So I did some more trout fishing, which was, well great.  Plenty of small fish to 12 inches and a hand full of 15 to 18 inchers on dry’s and streamers.  An occasional steelhead or salmon happens by we catch him too.


Have had some chances to sight fish for spring kings, not too shabby.

Have had some chances to sight fish for spring kings, not too shabby.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides


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5 Responses to Summer Steel head and trout

  1. Dan Cuomo says:

    Nice work, Jim. Thanks for the links, and for leading the way on this issue.

  2. Jeff Brazda says:

    Hey Jimmy great move and totally support the selective rules agenda. Could you elaborate on the developments where the Tribe, Sportsmen, ONP and the guides are all together on any issue…Really think that cooperation is a big key in the survival of sport fishing and wild stocks, and maybe I missed something new happening.. Thanks Jeff

  3. Alex Rodgers says:

    This is a good read, Jim. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sam says:

    Hey Jim! Any updates about Hoh? I also sent an email last week but I haven’t received any reply from them. Not even a measly run around about the issue.

    • raincoastguides says:

      Their little fingers are tired from writing. They have received a very strong response on this, and they are opening up a new rule change cycle. If we can double the response that we got we could see a new day on the Hoh. I will keep you posted, and thanks for your help.

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