Springer fishing

Springer fishing is now, and soon maybe some very
interesting steelhead fishing.

Spring Chinook fishing here on the peninsula will peak
between the second week of May and the first week of June.  By the third week of  May there should be enough fish to get
one on a fly rod.  The second week
of May is when the Hoh opens back up. 
There will be some spring Chinook in there, and there can be a huge
number of late, or leftover winter steelhead.  This fishing will only last about 4 or 5 days, then the
steelhead will get the point and get the hell back to the ocean.

About the blog, at present we are trying to find the most
readable and usable format, and also the correct balance between content and
shameless marketeering.  You will
notice some changes in the next few weeks as the warring factions gain and
loose ground.  But fear not, in the
end I will prevail, art will triumph!

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

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