Good weather for spring

I don’t know, I like a nice big spring storm, something to wash away the last of winter.

Right on time, just about the time you start seeing Spring
Chinook in the lower sol duc in places you can maybe hook them on swung flies
the river generally bumps right up to where there is no where to stand.  Which is fine, because I really want to
catch them on plugs anyway.  I am
NOT fishing this week, instead I am hanging out down in Astoria getting the
summer digs straightened out.  I
will be back on the river Monday, and yes I do have a couple of days open if
you want to give spring Chinook a try. 
If you do want a springer here is the deal, the season is really only
good from now until about the first week of June, so if you want your shot at
the “Bacon of the Sea” nows the time.

                            Dylan, last June on the Kalama, reasonable fresh summer steehead

Next on tap will be the main event, super hot mega chrome summer steelhead madness.

By the first week of June there should be enough summer steelhead around to make all of the Peninsula and southwest washington streams a good bet.

Jim Kerr

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