Salmon, and stuff

My favorite thing about fly fishing is that there are still secrets.    I come in contact with so many cool little things that move beneath the radar that I can be sure there are a million things I don’t know.
I was thinking about it last week as I watched a large bright fall coho go berzerk for a size 12 caddis pupa, and again when I saw a steelhead chase own a dry fly from a full 20 feet away.
Sometimes salmon really like bugs, sometimes steelhead prefer dries to anything.
Sometimes a little run of fish shows up where it shouldn’t, and goes unnoticed.  There are so many different fish this time of year, doing so many different things, its almost easy to discover your own secret fishery.

Jim did a great job teaching his daughter Kate to spinner fish

The fishing has been …funny.  One day its dry fly fishing for steelhead, the next we are on the lower river casting at hungry coho, and the day after that we are upriver catching big pink buck coho on little teeny flies.  We caught a sockeye today, just because we hadn’t done that in a while I guess.

Johns back, swung this nice hen on the two hander

5:30 am salmon fly tying session

Jim Kerr
Rain Coast Guides
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  1. Lee says:

    Sweet dude. The updates are much appreciated.

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