Coho tube flies, heavy, simple and effective

Coho flies often need to be heavy, tubes give you the weight and some hook options.  I have been running small trebles where legal.  Washington river Coho have a reputation as poor biters, but that’s not really correct.  If you watch a school of Coho closely as the fly swings through them you will often see several fish move a foot or so to quickly peck the fly.  If you are the dude holding the rod you will NEVER have any idea this has happened.  A tiny hook does a better job of getting into their mouth and sticking. The trebles don’t penetrate as deeply but hold really well.  The main caution is if there are trout or smolt around the trebles should come off, oh yea, and don’t cast when I am standing near you.

Small trebles rigged on tubes, hold well and may damage less than traditional shanks

Coho and Kings, Kings and Coho.  Great water, solid fishing, big fish.
First blood, Jim gets an intro to fly fishing

Second blood, Jim gets an intro to Coho

We have had lots of fun trips this week, no huge numbers days but lots of fish, big fish, and lots of backing out in the river.  The Salmon fishing should keep running for the next three weeks or so.
Jim Kerr
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4 Responses to Coho

  1. Jim O'Keefe says:

    Jim: Where are you getting those small copper(?)tubes?

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    They are 1 1/2 tubes, I also use the 2’s.  Most shops have them.  Try Puget sound Fly Co or Waters West

  3. Joe says:

    Very cool–thanks for posting the patterns Jim! What size/model trebles are you using on these?

  4. Jim Kerr says:

    Thanks Joe, #12 round bend Gamakatsu,  I would prefer a 14, but they don’t make that in the round.

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