Steelhead? Soon.

O.K. I have tons of left over salmon pics from this season, so bear with me, it will take a while to get through them.
There are still some salmon coming, and plenty left around, but I can’t stop myself from starting to think more about steelhead right now.  I will post the ALL NEW WORKSHOP SCHEDULE and some fish a long dates by the end of next week.  In the last 10 days we have had good fly fishing for salmon in 6 different rivers, and most days seen 2 other boats or less.  It has been a great fall, not the biggest runs ever, or the fastest fishing, but good solid fishing for some great quality fish.


Lee stripped a fly for this king


I spent a lot more time this year spey fishing for salmon than usual, we discovered some great techniques for getting big coho and kings to eat flies.  Its a great way to get the feel of a good swing and get some giant fish to pull some backing off your spey reel.

John with a good king

Jim Kerr
Rain Coast guides
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