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If you like great deals on really incredible fishing stuff, rods, reels, fishing trips, flies, fly boxes, gear, and you don’t hate helping kids, this is your deal.

The Forks scholarship auction is an awesome event.

Here is how it works, every kid that ever graduates from Forks high school can apply for help from the scholarship fund.  Whether they are going to Harvard, or the Dan Leavens School of Beauty and Refinement.

All the money is raised through an auction put on by the senior class.  This year every single guide in the Olympic Peninsula Guides Association has contributed items for the auction. Not only is this a way to get great stuff, but it is also a way to demonstrate that sport fishing dollars, and healthy rivers, help rural economies, while you help kids.

So it’s like a win win win win. How many of those do you get a shot at?  Go to this link, check out the stuff, make a bid. https://www.facebook.com/groups/QVSAOnlineAuction/

Auction winners catch tons of fish like this

Jim Kerr
RainCoast Guides
Forks, WA

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