One hand

Mmmmmmm, beer drinking weather. Big steelhead, low water, nice weather.

Low water is a great time to get out the one hander, small flies, and mess around with some old school tactics.

Swinging, skating, and stripping flies for winter steelhead with a one handed fly rod becomes much more interesting and visual when the water gets low.

A long rod and big bulky spey line only gets in the way when the water gets small. Get out the 10 ft seven weight and a weight forward dry line and go back to basics.

Swinging flies with a one hander is the original olympic peninsula fly fishing tradition. Don’t miss a cool chance.

Summertime flows in March

Get sneaky, get small, think giant spring creek rainbows. Maybe take a quick review of the Curtis reek Manifesto.

I really do miss the rain, it would be good for the rivers fish and forests.

And I hope we still get a bunch. But its hard to hate a sunny day, and low water fishing is my favorite.

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  1. How did you manage to hold it? Its skin is so slippery. I couldn’t hold even the smaller ones.

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