Going your own way

A friend told me a story. It went something like this. In greenland, the native people would get short on meat in the spring, and they really needed meat to feed the sled dogs.

So, they would take the dog team way out on the pack ice, cut a hole, drop a line way way down with a huge hook baited with a chunk of whale meat.

If things went according to plan you would pull up a huge greenland shark, and have dog food for weeks. If you didn’t get a shark, you would eat the dogs then and there, and try to walk home before a polar bear found you.

Now, this story electrified me. Sharks, you say? Through the ice? Beneath the Aurora Borealis? While a pack of starving dogs keep the polar bears at bay?

That sounds like a hell of a fishing trip. Damn, I’M IN! I’ll buy a ticket, who could have imagined such a thing? After a little more thought I just you tubed it. Found some cool video, took 8 minutes and saved me a huge amount of money and maybe my life.

Whitefish center pin rod in action!

But it reminded me of another fantastic fishing story that happend recently right here, in the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula.

A friend of mine journeyed to the head waters of a beautiful mountain river armed with a tiny custom, and exquisitely made center pin rod and reel, to catch, and release whitefish.

Thats right, a custom made whitefish pin rod.

Not all whitefish get released.

Sharks through the ice, center pin whitefish, both of these are examples of doing things far from the norm, but both strike me as interesting, and valid ways to pursue…well living.

Every fishing trip is a kind of adventure, every trip into the wilderness is an adventure. You can’t really know how its going to turn out, thats the reason to do it.

Ice fishing for greenland sharks, “artists re-enactment”

Jim Kerr

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  1. Paul Ishii says:

    Great commentary Jim. Enjoy your wit and humor. Whitefish are totally discriminated…I call it fischism…they fight hard and are native. Cool fish…

    Cool center pin by the way.

  2. mom says:

    always love your stories. beautiful fish dinner too

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