Last winter dates, Fly rod closet clearance

We are finishing up our spring season calendar now and we still have a few dates left.

We have some dates in the last couple weeks of January.  February 1,11,12,14,15,and 26.

We have a couple of dates still in March, 7,14, and 27,28.

Check your calendar and send us an email if any of these dates work for you!


As for right now, well, I have been having a great January! No, not catching tons of steelhead, but finding enough really nice ones, and tons of water all to ourselves.

That is what January should be, and after a poor hatchery run its nice to see native fish numbers more or less what they have been in past years.

Yea! First thing in the morning in the sunshine!

I have been getting old school more and more and have been going back to swinging from the boat with one handers, I think I will do a post just on that….

Its a super fun way to hook some fish, but also see fish interact with your fly even if they don’t end up eating it.

Dad and son trip works out about perfect.

Hey, so I REALLY want to make some extra room in my fishing shed, and am getting more serious about selling some stuff.

This morning I pulled out a Beulah 10’6″ classic switch in a 6/7 weight, its a nice, light switch rod, I would use it as a summer run rod primarily, or even a trout spey.

It has a Dan Bailys reel and a scandie line on it, the line feels a little long to me, I would probably cut a little off or replace it with something shorter.

No case, unmatched rod sock, $100.00

I also pulled out a Scott E2 9 and a half foot 5 weight.  The E2 was an incredibly under appreciated rod.  I am keeping 4 of them.

This one is a nice, longer all around trout rod, that would also make a nice Euro Nymph set up.

No case, unmatched sock, $75.00

Lastly for today, the venerable Echo Ion 10 ft 8 weight.  “the Volksrodden” (or peoples rod in english)

A work horse one hander, I own many, perhaps one more than I need.

This is an older model, the kind of gray color, I think I have the tube for it.


Or get them all in one box for $150.00

Thats right, I am so lazy, and so dislike driving to town to mail things, that I will put all these rods in one box and ship them to you for $150 (plus shipping).

The Beulah set up, and 2 other awesome rods, in your mailbox for $150.00 plus shipping. I KNOW! How fast can you find your credit card right?

Jim Kerr

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3 Responses to Last winter dates, Fly rod closet clearance

  1. Orin levine says:

    I’ll take all 3 or at least the echo. I can pick up on 26 when wefish.


  2. Orin says:

    I’ll take em. Orin

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