Perfect Winter Steelhead

Tuesday was slow, we hooked three nice fish, they all got off.  Wednesday was much better, although colder.   The fish were bright and hard and the hatchery fish we kept froze almost instantly.
I should of taken more pictures, but it was cold, and I found that the only thing that kept me focused was pushing full speed ahead to try to find another fish.
This afternoon it finally warmed up, and my mood improved, I got to thinking how cool it had been, the last few days, freezing solid and hooking those awesome fish in the cold green water.

Tom, with a soon to be frozen solid hatchery hen steelhead

Tom and Jim, thanks for putting up with a slightly more manic than usual fishing guide, and some really cold weather.  It was worth it, I will remember the last two days for a long time.
I still have to post about the workshop, I will soon, maybe monday.  Right now I have Wednesday open, if anyone is up for a try.

Jim Kerr
Raincoast Guides

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