A week of Winter fishing

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks.  The last few days we have seen everything.  Miles of perfect water where we struggled to find fish, nasty dirty water where they bit great, sight casting to schools of ultra picky chromers and everything in between.
We saw good schools of chrome steel head well below the hatchery moving upriver yesterday and managed to hook more than half a dozen*. I would say we have two to three weeks of great hatchery steel head fishing left.

This Hatchery steel head buck was slid up the bank on a day when the mercury topped out at 12.  This photo was taken only moments later

Snow storm on the Hoh, high water didn’t stop us from finding a handful on the lower end.

Best grip-n-grin ever

I wish we could have caught one here

Chrome Hatchery steel head on its way to the smoker

I have days open between now and X-mas, now is the time to give yourself the gift of fishing.
* O.K. the guide may have hooked one or more of these fish in the interest of “demonstration”

Jim Kerr
Raincoast Guides

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