Low clear cold water

Its a little harder to get out of bed on these cold days, but the fishing more than makes up for it.  In three days of nymphing we hooked nearly 30 chrome bright hatchery winter run steehead this week. ( We managed to swing a few to.)  There is no real trick to it.  Just park the boat next to a school of fish and wait for a few to bite.  It doesn’t happen all at once, the bite comes in flurries, when its off we take breaks by the heater, and sip coffee.  These days are short, but the fish somehow make them worth while,we have been finding a few fish in the morning, followed by a strong bite around 3:00 pm.


                Me and John with of of 10 plus fish we hooked Friday

The fish seem to be most aggressive to flies if you can find them in fast water that is less than four feet deep.
We did the first workshop of the season on Saturday, I will have some pictures and a post about that soon.
Jim Kerr
Raincoast Guides

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