Losing Sleep over steelhead

First, I have one Kalama date open, June 27th, which is odd, because that is always the greatest day of steelhead fishing of the year.

The bite is mostly early here in Forks right now, but there are good numbers of fish moving all over the Quilayute system and the Hoh when its in shape.  Dry line and 15 ft. of leader, #6 something or other maybe with a little weight on it, they’ll bite it.

There are still spring Chinook coming in fresh, and some Big Ones the last couple of days, the sockeye are here and the trout fishing is pretty decent.  Doesn’t look like we will be getting any snow melt this year, last I checked we were at 210% of snow pack and nothing seems to be melting.

Hatchery hen eats wooly bugger

Kyle, with his second fish of the day, the third was a winter run that ate a skated dry

Jim Kerr
Rain coast guides
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2 Responses to Losing Sleep over steelhead

  1. Lee says:

    I think this qualifies as a respectable outing.

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    Thanks Lee

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