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Had a cancellation so it looks like there is an open spot for the  Forks summer steelhead workshop on June 18th.  Let me know if you are interested.
As far as the here and now,  STILL swinging nice bright winter fish and catching summer runs to boot.  There are a bunch of spring Chinook coming in although more and more of them are un-marked.  And of course, there are Tons of trout.  Who would want to fish for those.  If you are looking to book a date give me a call or e-mail, I have plenty of openings right now and I am getting sick of hanging around the house.

Are you bored of seeing bright winter native steelhead yet?

Are fresh summer runs really a change of pace from fresh winters?  I might go sockeye fishing just to break up the monotony

Jim Kerr
Rain Coast Guides

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3 Responses to Work shops

  1. Joe W says:

    Yeah, you look bored. I’ll think about your boredom while I’m floating the only 1.5 miles in shape within 2 hours of home tomorrow.

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    I guess I am going fishing right now, nothing better to do.  My wife just called me, she was at work, fishing.  Maybe I will try out some of my new spey poles.  Hey tell roost to get a hold of Mike, I need him outahere pronto.

  3. Eric V says:

    Jim, love the site. My favorite “app”…
    Would love to fish with you again sometime. (we fish once on sol duc when my to be wife fell out of the raft…but also caught two salmon and a steelhead. My buddy Josh from bham and I would love to slap some water…
    I’ll be out this weekend bringing some folks down the bogi if you’re around….come by the farm off Wilson.

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