“Hello darkness my old friend, what are you doing here at 4PM?” ¬†This from a sign in the school apparently.

But the days are getting longer.

The rivers have been bouncing up and down wildly this winter, but mostly staying inside fishable flows.

Early season fish can have quite a bit of color. This year I saw colored up wild hens before the of December

Most of my days recently have been spent chasing early native fish, the fishing has been more or less the perfect kind of slow and steady that keeps it interesting but also keeps the crowds down to a minimum. You are not going to catch a lot, but if you spend your time wisely you will probably catch some.


The fish have been moving fast and spread out, which means that spey fishing is almost (almost) as good a way as any to catch them, and I have been spending a lot of my days doing that.

As much as I am looking forward to some longer evenings, I have been enjoying the late sun rise.

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