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Rainy day Leach

The egg sucking leach seems to often get over looked these days, I love’em, they catch the hell out steelhead and everything else in the river under a huge variety of conditions. I saw a fly many years ago that I believe was a pattern of Bob Pigot’s called a rainy day leach. It was an egg sucker with a big multicolored head. I am sure it wasn’t all that much like this one, I don’t really remember it that well. But that was the idea behind this one, just a real simple to tie pattern that fish will really eat.

There were more big fish around the last two weeks than I have seen in a long time, this week things have gotten back to reality, plenty of hook ups but a lot less “Holy Shit” fish.  Any way good fishing over all.  Oh, almost forgot March 10th and 11th have opened up, so if you know anyone who wants to go fishing have them shoot me an e-mail.

Jim Kerr

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  1. Erik Heiden says:


    Ya told me Feb was the time to come. Judging from the pictures of those toads you’ve been yarding, you weren’t kidding. Well it didn’t work out that way. Do you have any openings on the 27th, 28th or 29th of March?


  2. ma says:

    okay. If I’m really pissed at someone, i can’t think of a more offensive name to call him/her than “egg sucking leech” thank you for that epitaph

  3. Jeff says:

    Is that just black marabou on that rainy day leech, or is there something else in there along with the marabou?

  4. Bob Chadwell says:

    Headed your way this weekend. Hope to see you while we are there if Senor Rooster can member where the river is located. How long does the season last over there? I may have a couple days open up and have a spey casting friend interested in a dash and splash type of trip.

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