Finally, plus “Free trip”

A really nice day, I think I will actually move the boat OUT of the car port to work on it.

This winter the weather was….brutal?  punishing?, at least pretty crappy.  Spring and summer here is so unbelievable stunningly beautiful its not worth trying to describe it, but especially after this winter (lets call it last winter and really put it to bed) the contrast is a little stunning.

There are many different days of fishing to be had, although I would be glad to spend most of my day just sitting in the sun.  Spring chinook is the main focus. Its the one time of year I think the best bet is to probably just grab a gear rod and go all in, but I I also appreciate the Quixotic obsession of catching them on the fly.  Its kind of like fishing for permit riding a unicorn, I think I will put some fish a longs out there , but you are really going to have to deal with me fishing on these.


As for catching, yes, Ryan has been out doing some serious springer catching, with gear.

I have two days left open for this, May 11 and May 12. If you would like a gear springer trip drop us a line.

This spring king gobbled up Oliver’s streamer.
Fish like this will bite flies here all summer, but perfect presentation is essential.

If you want a not really free trip, I need my boat brought from Clackamas to Forks, if anyone can tailor it soon I would be glad to throw down a free day of fishing, ok, maybe 2.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks Wa

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4 Responses to Finally, plus “Free trip”

  1. Jeff says:

    Wow! Is that a wild springer? Hoping for one just like that next weekend.

  2. Bart Phillips says:


    I commute Vancouver/ Seattle each Sunday and could probably do a solid by swinging by Forks on the way.

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