Be sneaky, wake up early

Two free spring chinook ideas from me!

Warmer weather, super beautiful river, awesome fish.  Go ahead try it!  We have openings the first week of May.  It should be  good.

If you really want to bring one home come out and gear fish.  Its fun challenging and productive.

If you want  the most challenging and rewarding experience available to north west fly fishers come out and fly fish.

Spring chinook from last season. First week of May should be a good bet this year and we have dates.

Spring chinook enter the river as early as March, but don’t spawn until fall.  So they have to come in with fat and energy stores to last them as many as 5 months with little or no food.

That means they are crazy strong and as twitchy and moody as any fish that swims.  They can go from stubborn lock jaw, to psycho killer, to scared right out of the pool in about 3 casts.

Take a permit, a well educated spring creek trout, and a side of good bacon, mix them together and you have spring chinook.

Did you read this whole thing?  You win a prize, book a date between May 1 and 4 and we will give you $50.00 bucks off.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks Wa

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