Donna whats up, why does the text look like crap before I click the “more” button? It doesn’t look like that in preveiw.

First, a note.

So this Blog thing is very new to me, I am making it up as I
go along (obviously).  I would
really like to make it into something that my friends and clients find useful
so please, if you have any criticisms or comments let me know.  There is no way I can improve  without your input.  Also, go ahead and make your comment
right at the bottom of the page, it really helps my search engine listings,
which helps me reach more clients. 
If you don’t want me to post your comment just put that in your message
and I won’t put it up.

 O.K.  So this
may be my last post before I blow down to Baja for 10 days (we are going down
to camp on a buddies beach and get sun burned)  Yes the rivers are still out, my guess is it will be Wednesday
before  any real fishing goes on, maybe later before its good, hard to say.

So here is some verbiage to keep your mind on the right

 Junk Flies

If you come out to swing flies on the Olympic Peninsula for
winter steelhead, be prepared to lose some bugs.  Our steelhead love the tough spots and some of the most
productive swinging water is as complex as it comes.  You learn a good run by feel and by sight. You feel the pull
of the current on your line, you watch as it pushes and pulls on your line and
feel the rocks as your sink tip and fly brush over them.

                                                                       Egg Sucking Leach, Trusty and easy to tie

As I go through a run the first time I am just
experimenting, checking out the possibilities, trying to feel for the slow soft
water and the deeper pockets.  The
second time through is to memorize, find the snags, see how close you can come
without hanging up, see what rocks you can stand on to give you the best

The third time through I am fishing, and I probably want to
fish it twice.  In a really tough
piece of water this can mean 15 flies, so having some that are easy to tie,
cheap and effective is key

Jim Kerr

Raincoast guides

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13 Responses to Donna whats up, why does the text look like crap before I click the “more” button? It doesn’t look like that in preveiw.

  1. Donna says:

    When you excerpt, it copies the HTML from the blog content, adding spaces.

    I can set it up so your meta data is the automatic “excerpt” or, you can copy/paste from the blog (first paragraph) and it will post without the HTML.

    Call me and I’ll walk you through it…still jealous of Cabo!

    ~ D

  2. Marty Leith says:

    While we’re on the learing curve for Bloggin’…Donna, why do I get 6 of the same email?

  3. Jim Kerr says:

    Right…thats what I thought…

  4. Jim Kerr says:

    Thats it boy’s..BRING IT!

  5. Donna says:

    If you are referring to mails from this blog, you receive a notification every time Jim adds a new blog post AND every time someone leaves a comment.

    Try subscribing only to the entries rather than the entire blog (option in the left sidebar) if you only want notifications when Jim has something new to say in his fishing report.

    ~ D

  6. Dan Whitaker says:

    My email is also recieving 6 copies of the report. I thought you might want to know, but it’s not a big deal at all. I’d rather recieve 6 than none. Good fishin’

  7. Jim Kerr says:


    Thanks, and thanks Marty, this blogging is tricky busyness. You should see how many e-mails this thing sends me.  Two for every comment and two for every response. But thanks for sticking with it, if you have any problems just address your post to Donna, or if it gets really bad you can curse at FRANK.  Check it out though, Donna is watching this thing on a Sunday and I owe her money.  I mean thats cool.
    I am sending her a check right now.
    Really though, thanks for your patience guys.
  8. Marty Leith says:

    It’s all good. Nice work Donna – Jim, have fun in Cabo – Look up my buddy Jason Clack and do some Kitesurfing while you’re there. He should be there now and I think he has a little boat he might be able to get you out roosterfishing (of course this is all predicated on the fact that you are probably going to be really bored and won’t have found anything to do down there to occupy your time). Do I have to do everything for you?

  9. Jim Kerr says:

    Hey Marty,

    Thanks a ton,  I will check him out, I think our activity schedule is gettin kinda full but its nice to have some choices.  
    We will be staying with a buddy of mine, Lance Peterson, who is a Rooster guide, we will probably take a morning to fish if the weather is O.K.
  10. Frank says:

    Hi All,

    The reason for the multiple emails for each post may be because Jim posts an entry and then edits and re-posts. Every email I get seems a little different.

    Either that or Jim is trying some sort of mind controlling experiment. Either way – great blogging by all!

  11. mom & jean says:

    hope you love the sunny south.we’re freezing. but sunny too. beware of the tequila. love from maine

  12. mom & jean says:

    hope you love the sunny south.we’re freezing. but sunny too. beware of the tequila. love from maine

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