December steelhead

This slightly dusky hatchery steelhead of Chad’s is from just before the first storm.  It was one of five or six we intended to catch that day but it turns out the other fish never even bit.  This is shocking because the next day my client Jim managed to hook 2, and no offence Jim, but this guy can fish circles around you.  I guess that it just goes to show that there is more to catching steelhead than great casting and presentation skills.  I am not sure what it is but Jim must have buckets of it.
I have not fished in a week now due to storm cancellations, but Mike Z and I are headed out in about half an hour.  We plan to bank fish and run the dog a little.  The water is super low; maybe we will get a bite.
Other than that, cold low water and no one fishing, there are probably a few native steelhead and a few hatchery fish everywhere.

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