Its really cold

First the rivers got a little too high, and then they
started to come down, but got a little too cold.  Then it got freakin freezing and snowed a bunch, then it got
colder, then it rained, then it sleeted, now they say its gonna get cold again
and snow some more.  That said
there are some really nice fish in a river that shall remain nameless and its
in great shape.  I have been
reluctant to force clients to brave the weather and have postponed a couple of
trips this week due to sanity. Despite all this the fish are there and sooner
or later some will have to go catch them.

If it comes down too it I may just have to do it
myself.  If I were you (the
steelhead angling public)  I would
probably try to make a pilgrimage to any steelhead river you can reach during
this cold snap. .  Get all your
gear and warm clothes together the night before.  Plan to eat a huge dinner breakfast, hit the river late and
quit early.  It’s the kind of
WINTER STEELHEAD weather that really doesn’t come around that often and its
worth doing when you get the chance. 
The water will be low and easy to fish, it won’t be crowded and you will
remember what its like to have really cold hands.

Good Fishing


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3 Responses to Its really cold

  1. Dan Whitaker says:

    I would be out in a heartbeat if my car wasn’t rearwheel drive and snowed in. I’m jealous of all who venture out. Good luck

  2. Steve says:

    As always Jim gets to what I like to think of as the heart of the matter. It’s about going 1st and making the best of the journey. Pleasant journies to all.

  3. Jim Kerr says:

    Turns out I can respond to your comments, who knew? Thanks Steve! Happy Holidays and I’ll be posting again soon after the blizzard.

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