Catching winter run Steelhead

My first Centerpin Steelhead

The light in November is so low that the river looks black, but when you look into it the water is as clear as air.

I remember this from when I was a kid, especially on snowy days. 

With the blue sky and the tree’s full of snow you might say it’s like drifting through a living painting, if you said that in my boat I would make fun of you all day.

That’s probably why I was fishing alone on Tuesday afternoon.

I have a brand new ceterpin rod and I love it.  When I cast it I have no idea where it will throw my gear, or even if it will go anywhere at all.  When I feel around the reel my hands are blind, they have no memory of what goes where, all the tangles are new and unexpected.

I hooked a fish while drifting and realized that my anchor line was frozen solid, I had about 6 feet of line to work with but I would have to go to the stern and manually throw the anchor over.  My net was frozen to the floor in the bow, once I pried it loose I found the handle was frozen so I could not slide it open.  I held it in the river with my non fish-fighting hand until I could open it, the button that holds the net handle in place was, frozen.  I hit it on the deck until it would move.

I could see the fish clearly in the river, I watched it while I sorted out the boat, finally scooped it up.

The fishing has been every bit as good as it could be, I have December dates open.

Happy Thanksgiving

Jim Kerr


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