Yep, looks like Tuesday should be cool

Mike, with a good hatchery steelhead

We had two boat loads of center pins and one fly rod out the other and proved that virtually anything hanging under a indicator or float is in desperate trouble.  A good dead drift, a bit of patience and a masochistic enjoyment of foul weather was all it took to hook a obscene number of early chromers.
We did find on flat loaded up with steelhead where they should have swung easily, but despite having two fly fishing guides and two fly shop owners on board the spey rods never came out.  Chalk it up to short day’s and lousy knot tying weather.

We used to cover of the storm to sneak up behind Mike Z

I had both boat heaters running yesterday, but a third one in the middle wouldn’t have hurt my feeling’s.  I winder if patagonia, or Simms makes a jacket that”s up to this kind of weather?  I wonder if they have one in my size with a big logo on it?

Anil spent a while in a near constant state of fish on

Thanks Guy’s for a fun trip, and thank you Dylan for helping out so much with my new pin.  I owe you and Anil big time.

Jim Kerr

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