Catchathon report

Bret with a catch-a-thon victim

Last Friday marked the beginning of an almost week long spell of some of the most remarkable steelhead fishing I have ever seen…Let that sink in a little.
Two salt hatchery fish where gobbed up in so many places that its safe to say it was hard not to hook a bunch. As for Monday, if a space ship had landed next to the boat and aliens had gotten out to fish I wouldn’t have been surprised;  I am sure we were having the best fishing in the universe.

Lee, looking good with a chrome hatchery steelhead

Thanks to everyone who came out to the workshop yesterday, it was a blast both Lauren and I enjoyed the company and had a great time.  You guy’s also got tho see the rivers in good shape for the last time in a long while.

Great numbers of fish like this should mean good fishing when the water drops.

Jim Kerr
Rain coast guides
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2 Responses to Catchathon report

  1. Lee says:

    Oh that was exceptional? I thought that was just normal fishing combined with Jim Kerr’s world famous Raincoast Guides Olympic Peninsula Steelhead fishing guide service?

    Yeah that was pretty damn fun. Please let me know which dates you expect to be equal to hot or more hotter than that and put me down for all of them.

    Way less hot will do as well.


  2. Jim Kerr says:

    Yes Lee,
    Steelhead, fishing guide, Olympic peninsula, northwest fishing fly fishing WAS good that day, and I can easily mark you down for some less hot fishing, if it’s really gonna suck you can bring snacky.

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