Now it’s Friday catchathon

Do not tell the jokers who just booked Saturday, but Friday will be much better and I have a seat open.
e-mail is best

Jim Kerr

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  1. Ryan T. Shopay says:

    Hey Jim wish I could be there Friday!!!

    Actually, I am writing with probably one of the most difficult and potentially subjective and personal-experience driven questions there is… I will try to keep it short but apologize in advance…Sorry!! Oh, so sorry!!

    I Just \”e-bay\’d\” a new Echo Dec Hogan 9 wt. 13\’6\” two-hander(suggested 600-720 grains)!!!

    Hooray! I think…?

    Also, I just happen to have an Abel Super 12 (ahhh, mmmmmm, cough,cough…e-bay…) to accompany this rod…So far so good?!?!?!

    Question #1

    How\’d I do?

    D.Lay off the coffee and E-bay
    E.All of the Above

    Now What?!?!?!? H-E-L-P!!!! I am so confused…

    It is at this point I just wanna show up and get some lessons from ya. Soon I hope, real soon. I will keep after you as my schedule develops.


    Question #2

    What should I do for The Best Backing Scenario? (money no object)

    A.Gel spun
    E.None of the Above

    Now, from my research, I am guessing Skagit line is a solid starting point…BUT…I simply feel like buying a Versi- or Multi- tip system to take the easy way out of this dilema…H-E-L-P!!!

    Question #3

    What Style/System?
    F.None of the Above

    I have my eye on S.A. Skagit Exterme Multi-tip 640 gr./25\’, or 680gr/27\’, or 720gr./27\’, comes with shooting line,tip wallet, and 4 tips for $135.

    Please pro-rate my next trip/lesson according to how much time this e-book/e-mail took out of ur day!!

    Happy Holidays,


    P.S. Hope the multiple choice expedited things!!

  2. Jim Kerr says:


    Good to hear from you.

    Thanks for posting
    this here, it might help steer some other folks in a good direction and
    it’s also good for my search engine listings, especially if you throw in
    the words fly fishing for steelhead, Olympic peninsula fly fishing
    guide, steelhead guide, catchasaures rex, ect.

    Yes multiple guess is good, I might pass.

    Good rod, good reel learn to fish it BUT before you buy your next one cast a
    million and decide exactly what you are shopping for and except no substitute.

    so in Answer to question letter one.


    Question number B

    As far as backing goes, 30lb braid, dacron, or whatever is cheap, or if you
    want to spend money, whatever you feel will tangle the least and leave room for
    150 to 200 yrds.

    Question 3

    I think you will like
    the airflow skagit compact, it’s not expensive. 
    Buy a decent running line and you will be able to switch it out if you
    want to
    change up.  I would buy the Airflow not so expensive running line for
    starters.  As for tips, look back through this blog, I think you will
    find a article on building your own, just get some t-14 and cut and
    loop.(check out a post titled sink tips for steelhead volume two)

    Later you will
    probably decide you need all different stuff, but this will be a good
    outfit for a long time and give you the versatility to change one piece
    at a time without starting from scratch again.

    Rock on

  3. Ryan T. Shopay says:

    Thanks so much for your time Jim!!!

    As to which Running Line…Floating or Intermediate for my first Spey experience??

  4. Jim Kerr says:

    Thanks Ryan,
    Rock on.

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