Bad judgment

Picture this,

You have a stupendous week of catching summer steelhead, sight fishing with dry flies, watching big chromers move 15 feet to crush a waked bug, and you see a bunch of fish moving up the lower river so you know it should stay good!  Now what?

Go to another river.  It didn’t work out as well as I had planned.  That said if having tons of beautiful water to yourself and hooking one super charger summer run is a good day, we did manage that.  In the end I was happy and I think I will go right back to see if I can break it down a little more.  Last week I started seeing some summer coho show up, and maybe in the next few days there will be enough around to fish for them.  For those who lean that way there are plenty of nice trout to be found, and still enough bright sockeye to make a day of it.

Next week I still have Monday Wednesday and Friday open, I think the fishing will be really cool,a lot of  the feed back I got from last week was along the lines of “best day ever”, that won’t continue for long but I think the opportunity will stay very strong for a bit.

I have done an excellent job of leaving my camera home with the baby recently so here is a pic from two weeks ago, the steelhead you will catch next week will probably look exactly like this one.

Adam and chomer

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3 Responses to Bad judgment

  1. Lee says:

    Best day ever affirmative

  2. Lance Irven says:

    Still doing the no post free fish day. Really could use a good day catching fish again with you on the west end! Congats on fatherhood also by the way!

    • raincoastguides says:

      I will get it going again soon Lance, between the summer chore list, the baby and fishing everyday a guy runs out of time.

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