For what its worth

Here is an old report, sorry.

Well Jeff, (got a trip for my late posting a while back) came out a few days back and we had good one fish day.  That is to say there were not fish visible in about 90% of the spots that there should have been, but we finally found a nice fresh summer in a shallow tailout.  He saw us coming but we waited a bit and sure enough he came back.  It took three casts to convince him to gulp a wooly bugger just as it began to swing.  Later we found some fish holding in a deep fast run and managed to get one to eat under a cator but he fell off the string.  We saw one other boat and one bank fisherman.  Got to watch a bat shit summer steelhead bend a 7 weight to the corks, and other wise enjoyed the sunshine.

Summer fishing here some days is solid as can be, other days a guy has to hunt around quite a bit to find a player.  The worst part of it is trying to figure out where to start looking, there is a lot of water between the Quinault and the elwah.

Jeff with a nice summer steelhead


Newer report

Since then I had two back to back tough days with Tom and Jeff, and then a bunch of good to surreal days.  After a lot of brush stomping and boat dragging I managed to nail down a couple of unused sections of river with good numbers of summer steelhead and NO ONE fishing them.  We spent the last few days watching summer runs stroll casually across tailouts to suck down dry flies like they were food.  Summer fishing is heating up I have a few open dates. August 2nd 5th 6th 8th 10th and 13,14,15 are all still open.

I should be back on a more or less regular report schedule by next week.

Lee with a dry fly summer steelhead

Jim Kerr


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  1. jeff says:

    Jim, Thanks for another fun day. I had a GREAT time. Still makes me smile thinking of the fish taking that fly. Jeff

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