Summer fishing

The fishing has slowed back down to something more like normal, which is nice.  There are still plenty of steelhead around but a guy actually has to fish for them and may or may not catch one, trout are going good and the summer coho fishing seems a bit slow still, but could pick up any day.  Its getting to be that time of year that I really love.  All the rivers are getting low and quite, the big bugs will be moving in a week or two.

Guy with fish

I will say that I have had tons of fun recently getting to watch chrome bright steelhead chase down and devour swung flies.  We had a nice buck the other day do some kind of weird underwater back flip cartwheel thing trying to get a hold of a little weighted streamer.  Its fun to watch them eat.

Jim Kerr

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  1. Dan G says:

    Are the big bugs you are referring to…. Kings? Wasn’t sure.

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