Back to the river

I hunted more days than I ever have this season, and did not kill an elk.  Below is one of several bulls we called in (game cam shot at his wallow), none gave us a clean shot.

No elk where harmed in the production of this post

I saw an October Caddis by our porch light last night, so game on.  We will begin the fantastic steel head dry fly adventure shortly.  There are quite a few kings around, trout fishing has turned great and the fall coho are beginning to show up.  Win,win,win.

Kris with a summer run from right before elk season.

Summer Coho are hard to catch, but if you are a good caster, and know the tricks, you can catch lots.

Still have some open dates for fall coho, lots’o fun to come.
Jim Kerr

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  1. Rooster says:

    You should try camoflaging yourself as a game cam. Apparently they are not afraid of them?

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