Hunting Season

I will be more or less off the river for a couple of weeks to hunt, so I will be mostly posting photo’s from past trips.
Right now the rivers are low and, with the clear weather you better get out early or stay out late if you want good fish.  I have seen a few fall coho and  a few fall kings recently.  That will just keep getting better.  There are summer coho aplenty for the early rising looooong casting angler and trout for the evening bite, and some EXCELLENT afternoon napping and mushroom picking weather.  Actually, I sort of wish I was doing a multi-day float.  Cooking big meals on the riverside and enjoying the fall weather.  If you have a group of 4 or more guys and want to try this next fall let me know.

Thor with a bright summer run steelhead

I rarely take trout photo’s but the trout fishing can be great, unlike a land locked trout stream the coastal trout will be found in small concentrated groups, and then miles of emptiness.  Knowing where to stop and fish for them, and where to keep going, is the whole game.

Oliver with a native summer steelhead

Native summer steelhead are spread throughout all the West End rivers.  They can be ridiculously aggressive and you might grab one anywhere from the head waters to the mouth.
They are a nice surprise for the diligent cutthoater.
OOOOOH Yea October 19, 23,24,25,26.  These dates are open, and shouldn’t be.  That’s a hint.

Jim Kerr
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