A little rain please?

The salmon are coming, but not in a hurry, and the lack of rain, cold nights and bright sun has not made the bite any better.

My strategy has been mixed bagging it.  Take the salmon and steelhead you can get in the morning and then give up and go dry fly fishing for trout.

A chrome king like this is a day maker, throw some trout on top and its like gravy on the icing.

The big trick to salmon fishing with a fly rod is to not be concerned about the salmon you are not catching.

That is, if a couple eat the fly, and 200 swim by it, then the point is a couple ate it.

Getting hung up on the ones that won’t bite is counter productive.

The stars of the show

I’m looking forward to some rain, and getting these fish moving better, but the trout fishing is hard to beat in the mean time, and coming home dry is pretty awesome.

Fall hatches are if full swing

Jim Kerr

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Forks Wa


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6 Responses to A little rain please?

  1. Jeff Westerlund says:

    Lots of October Caddis coming off the Sol Duc yesterday. I bet those trout are looking up!

  2. Lee says:

    JOHNBOY. Rockin the beard. Hope he took that fish home to England in his carry on

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