Spey fishing for Salmon workshop, extra day added, November 6th

November 6th,

Had to set up 2 make up days, one is full but we still have 2 spots for November 6th.

Do you like to spey cast? Yea, but do you like to catch a lot of big cool fish while you spey cast?

If you do, you should do a little more salmon fishing.  Fall salmon, kings and Coho primarily, are probably the easiest fish to catch on a spey rod that we see all year.

Yet most spey fishers wait patiently for winter steelhead, and skip these fish altogether.

Spey fishing for fall salmon has a few tricks,choosing  fly’s, water, and presentations are all slightly askew from typical steelhead fishing. But once you get the basics catching fish is a hell of a lot easier.

I have two seats available for our fall salmon spey class on November 3rd.

The plan is simple.  Three anglers and myself will jump in a boat loaded with salmon spey gear and go catch some salmon.

High flows only help to push salmon into better spey water

You will dig through my fly boxes, we will discuss water, tides, weather and run timing.  We will all fish and you will get hands on instruction on presentations.  We will fish different kinds of water and change lines and tips accordingly.

We will eat some lunch.

fall kings are a good match for a short stout spey rod


don’t be fooled, these guys love to eat flies

3 spots $275.00 a seat.

Email [email protected]  for more info.

Jim Kerr

Rain Coast Guides

Forks wa

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7 Responses to Spey fishing for Salmon workshop, extra day added, November 6th

  1. Jason Mouer says:

    I will take one of those seats please.

  2. John O'Neill says:

    Interested. Need to arrange work coverage. Floated the lower Hoh today. Saw nothing . Won’t take my wooden boat down until the rains come. Very low.

    • raincoastguides says:

      Saw nothing? You mean except an epically beautiful river in fall color on a beautiful day? There are some fish down there but they are doing a pretty good job of hiding. Let us know when you have work covered.

  3. James Wilson II says:

    Interested on the 11th. How do I confirm

  4. Larry Little says:

    Is there a class on the 11th? Or any day between today and then?

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